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Originally Posted by CKB M6 GC View Post
Couple questions as I am new to owning a Gran Coupe:
1. Does the Coupe and Gran Coupe have the same offset requirements?
2. Does ANYONE know their offsets?

The reason for both questions is because I have only found a couple offsets listed and they are on coupes not GCs. I fully plan on going 21x12 rear (325), and 21x9.5 front (275). For the 21x12, I have seen an +18mm offset as a nice aggressive fit. For the 21x9.5, I have seen +12mm. These were per kris1858.

The width of the quarter panel is the same on both. There might be a very small difference in the front part of the wheel arch but I don't think you'll find anyone that has had experience with this.
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