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Originally Posted by dtrayers View Post
I purchased a 2018 a little over a year ago. I live in Minnesota and searched nationwide for a model with Drive Assistance Plus, Parking Assistance Plus, heated rear seats and steering wheel, and HUD. Those were the “must haves”. I agree it’s hard to believe a nearly $80K car is optioned without those features but consider that the bulk of the 640GT’s were demo and loaner cars, not ordered by individuals.

I eventually found at CPO with the options I wanted in San Antonio for $48K and 12K miles. The window sticker was $78K. That was in March of 2019. It also has the comfort seating, is in M-sport trim, and has 20” staggered wheels. I bought it after having a pre-inspection done and flew down to buy it.

Since then I’ve put on over 25K miles. I bought it specifically for road trips: MN to Maine, MN to TX, MN to FL. It’s the *perfect* car for this use. Since it’s CPO, it has an extra year of warranty and unlimited miles. I expect I’ll have nearly 100K miles on it by the time it’s out of warranty. I’m lucky to have an independent BMW specialist nearby for routine maintenance. In the time I’ve bought it, I did have the passenger window regulator and the radiator grill shutter motor replaced under warranty at the dealer.

I was able to pick up a second set of BMW 19” wheels (non-staggered) for winter use. I ditched the summer run-flats as well on the 20” wheels for a set of Conti’s and it’s a lot quieter now and rides nicer.
My daughter’s finance is 6’-2” and he finds the back seat very roomy. Plenty of leg and head room.

It’s so versatile. A great road trip car, I’ve also folded the rear seats and removed the privacy shelves, laid out a tarp, and put 18 bags of mulch in the back. With launch control and tank of gas, I’ve pulled a couple of 4.8 second 0-60 runs.

Oh, and @Ronstein, I’m able to connect both my phone and my wife’s to iDrive and both can take calls. I found I can disable my wife’s phone for calls but still use hers to stream books. So you might want to check the configuration of your iDrive phone settings, because I know two phones can connect at the same time.
That's a beautiful car, and I love those wheels. What color is the interior? I love the "white" leather, but it seems very rare...
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