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Originally Posted by Ronstein View Post
I've had mine for 7 months and I love it!

Interior - I have comfort seats, which are brilliant, loads of adjustment, but I haven't really used the massage function much. The 530d was smooth and quiet, but this is smoother and quieter by a surprising margin. HUD and digital dash are great, pano roof is really good and doesn't impact headroom, rear space is colossal and, with the seats down, it has more load capacity than a 5 series estate or the wife's X3.

Exterior - Rear camera is really useful, Active headlights are powerful and effective, folding mirrors are very handy.

Driving experience - I don't tend to hurl it round corners (too old for that malarkey) but when you hustle it, it's deceptively quick and handles extremely well for what is. essentially, a 7 series hatchback.

Overall - For once, a BMW with an exceptional level of standard equipment. Quick, comfortable, immensely practical and, if you buy an ex-demo (mine was a 6 month old BMW Group car with 4,700 miles), incredibly good value. Mine was 65k list and I paid 35k.

And....the only thing that frustrates me is that with iDrive 6, although I can connect both my phones, only one can be connected to 'Telephone' at any time.
Excellent feedback. I "almost" pulled the trigger on a car in California this weekend (I would had to have it shipped 1,500 miles), but decided I'd wait a bit. It was white, M-Sport, Driver Assist Plus (all pre-requisites of mine), plus rear-setback adjustment, etc. It basically had everything except the comfort seats and the DHP.

I decided to hold because I'm basically still not 100% sure if I want the 640i GT, a Tesla Model Y, or get another S90 (which are now available in the U.S. with the R-Design package, which was NOT available MY18).

p.s. It is UNBELIEVABLE to me how many GTs were ordered in the U.S. WITHOUT the Driver Assist Plus (Adaptive Cruise). I mean seriously, on an $80K car, who would get it without this $1,700 option that comes standard on even the most basic Toyota? I refuse to consider a GT without this, and so it seriously limits my options.
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