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Originally Posted by Gilgorm View Post
Sadly, the 640i GT was only available in North America for model years 2018 and 2019.
I love the space inside. If you haven't yet found it (rounded) the rear head room is 39", the rear leg room is 40" and the rear shoulder room is 57". Front head is 39"; front leg is 41"; front shoulder is 60". If you can find one, you have to try one.
With the extra size (200" long) I find I usually have to swing wider on right turns in particular. I have a 2018 and most Canadian cars came fully equipped. I especially like the 2 axle air suspension which adjusts itself with weight and lowers slightly when parked and at high speed. The rear wing also goes up automatically at speed or you can raise it manually from the console.
The trunk is massive (31cu.ft seats up). There is no spare, jack or wrench; runflats are the norm so there is some underfloor space(not deep for a spare).
Only get a car with Comfort seats. Mine are ventilated and massage versions.
The car is powerful (335hp) but not ludicrous speed since it weighs 4400lb.
The one option I've never used is the parking assistant (mostly because I park away from all other cars anyway).
I added tint all around but your boys might appreciate the electric side sunshades (despite what literature says there is no rear sunshade).
I've never had DHP so don't know what I might be missing.
I have Nappa leather, Adaptive cruise (love it), HUD, Soft close doors and hands free tailgate.

The biggest most luxurious car I've ever owned. I expect to keep it a long time.
Did I mention I love it.
Thanks for the thorough response! The reason I asked about personal experience with rear legroom is that statistics are almost meaningless because there's no standard way of measuring. The Volvo S90 (2018 models and newer) are the long wheelbase version, and the rear legroom is CAVERNOUS which is awesome. I suspect the 640i GT is probably not quite as generous, but close enough to work.

Also, I thought the air suspension came with the DHP? Are they separate packages? Maybe it's different in the Canadian setup that the U.S.?

p.s. It's too bad the updated 2021 model isn't coming to the N.A....the updated front end and digital dash/infotainment looks awesome.
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