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Considering a 640i GT (coming from a 2018 Volvo S90)

Hey all - I've been a long-time forum member, but haven't posted in a while. We currently have a 2018 Volvo S90 that's coming off-lease this Fall. We don't normally lease cars (read: we've NEVER leased a car), but I'm tall and we have two very tall teenage boys, and we were smitten by the design and long wheelbase (LWB) platform that results in truly limousine type rear-legroom. We leased because we weren't sure we wanted a car that large long-term. Well, my wife is now spoiled with the legroom and I'll admit I love that I can stretch my 6'-6" frame as far back as I want without disrupting legroom for my boys in the back. We love just about EVERYTHING about the S90 except for the powertrain...I simply detest the turbo/supercharged I-4 because it sounds terrible and because of its "surge-y" power delivery. It ruins the whole experience.

In researching what to replace it with, there are very few options for LWB cars. I suddenly recalled stumbling on the 6GT at the dealer a few years back, and was then reminded of the vehicle when I saw the reports this past week about the new update, which looks PHENOMENAL but I was SO disappointed to learn that it's been discontinued in the NA market. But, I'm not opposed to purchasing a lightly used or certified model, as 2 of my last 3 car purchases were used, and I've had excellent success with this.

So, sorry for the rambling post, but for current 6GT owner, a few questions:

1 - What are your favorite things about the 6GT (and what are the things you dislike)?

2 - Is the rear-seat legroom exceptional? Anyone with any experience with the Volvo S90 and how it compares? Is it similar to the 7-series?

3 - What are some options that you think are must-haves? Here are my minimums: M-Sport, Apple CarPlay, Adaptive Cruise (Driving Assistant Plus?), and to a lesser extent, Tech Package/Heads-up Display (I'm a bit less familiar with option packages on the 6)

4 - Is the Dynamic Handling Package worthwhile? Is it fairly rare? I'll have to say I'm a bit jaded on this as I spent WAY too much time looking for that on our F30 M335i, and I'd categorize it as a huge disappointment (the practical impact of it is indiscernible in almost every daily driving situation).

Sorry for the rambling post...thought I'd give a bit of background. Thanks for any input/advice you may have, specifically regarding the interior space/rear legroom.

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