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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
So this freakin rabbit has been causing havoc in my flower beds. He completely destroyed a bed of tulips and he loves kicking the shit out of my mulch and into my lawn. I cleaned everything up bit every morning it's the same shit. Soooooo I actually trapped his ass! He ran off and I saw him crawl right into my garden reel hose box. There's a small gap at the bottom for him to squeeze into. So I was actually able to move the box to where the gap is gone so now he is trapped in there. I opened the top and he's clearly hiding in the corner. So he cannot get out. What would you guys do? Leave him to die? Call a pest control? let him free where he'll do the same shit again? Put my cat in there?
I hear ya. Iíd remove the box with him in it and take it to a county park or similar and let him go there. I deal with the same stuff with groundhogs. Also been fighting off a robin this spring that wants to fight its reflection in my windows. It pecks away at the glass like a woodpecker and shits all over the place. Right now Iím rocking 4 helium balloons tied down by the windows to keep it at bay. Works for now.

For the rabbits, Iíve also just recently tried some Irish spring soap in the flower beds. Supposedly they donít like that. Weíll see! Good luck.
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