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Originally Posted by LJohnson32 View Post
  1. Start engine, allow to idle down before putting in gear
  2. First 3-5 minutes, very gentle load, short shifting to keep RPM's below 2k even
  3. 5-10 minutes, still gentle load but allowing RPM's to creep up above 2k to 2,500
  4. Once the oil temp needle creeps off the bottom 160 hash - gentle to moderate (50% throttle MAX) load up to 3k until engine is at full operating temp
I also make a note to cool the car back down when I know I'll be shutting it off soon. Usually revert back to list item #2 for the warm up procedure for the last 2 minutes or so of driving so the car shuts down at just under the 205 degree middle dot.

Car is also always in sport plus drivetrain for the enhanced cooling. I haven't experimented with keeping it in 'Efficient' during the warm up process to see if it warms it up any quicker or not, but I may give it a shot and report back
Definitely agreed on this list. Do the same on mine aside for #2 the RPMs are usually between 2.5-3k.

I do have a question surrounding the last pt on "Sport + means enhanced cooling". How exactly is that possible? I have heard this before but never had any additional context.