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I'm still unable to accept the reality that BMW is no longer the automaker that I fell in love with. I still like to consider myself a fan, but not in the way I used to. BMW continually shows how tone deaf they are.

There have been a couple things that really broke my heart. One is when they said in a C&D interview that their customers do not want heavy power steering that responds to the road surface. The second was more recent when one of the suits said we should stop romanticizing the E46 M3 and should accept the G20 for being a high speed cruiser that's totally isolated from the road.

Statements like these are proof of a fundamental change in the automaker's identity and priorities. The good old days are gone forever.
Well name a better car in the segment. Surely not Audi. The Mercedes cars are okay, but the unadaptable-stuck-in-nostalgia Mercedes crowd sounds just like the unadaptable-stuck-in-nostalgia BMW crowd, so I suppose you guys could swap. Good luck with your manual transmission choice over there (...if you're an MT guy). Mercedes and Audi ditched MT lovers a long time ago.

FWIW, BMW isn't tone deaf at all. They've responded to provide products to their NEW customer base and they have responded to the complaints from their OLD/CURRENT customer base. Blame the buyers, not BMW. At the end of the day they must sell cars. The enthusiast is a small percentage of the community.
No ones arguing they need to sell cars.

My point is there will be little difference now between an RS5 and the new M3/M4 and C63 for that matter.

In many ways the M4CS will be the last of its kind and I'll be holding onto it for a long time. It's a wild rear wheel spinning car with a DCT that does what I want when I want.

I can't see anything that excites me about the new M3/M4 as it has become no different to every other car in its segment.

Let's face it Audi does better interiors and Mercedes better exhaust notes - so why pick a BMW with a grill bigger than Antarctica that does much the same driving wise? Because it's a BMW?

I'm sure that doesn't matter to BMW or you just expressing an opinion.
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