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Well name a better car in the segment. Surely not Audi. The Mercedes cars are okay, but the unadaptable-stuck-in-nostalgia Mercedes crowd sounds just like the unadaptable-stuck-in-nostalgia BMW crowd, so I suppose you guys could swap. Good luck with your manual transmission choice over there (...if you're an MT guy). Mercedes and Audi ditched MT lovers a long time ago.

FWIW, BMW isn't tone deaf at all. They've responded to provide products to their NEW customer base and they have responded to the complaints from their OLD/CURRENT customer base. Blame the buyers, not BMW. At the end of the day they must sell cars. The enthusiast is a small percentage of the community.
You sound like that one Browns or Lions fan who constantly feels the need to defend the organization's front office and ownership no matter how much they screw things up. Sure BMW is a notch above most competitors in driving dynamics, but the clear distinction is not what it used to be. BMW's decisions over this past decade are smart business choices, but I don't have to like those decisions.
No, I just look at the big picture absent emotion. I also have been around a really long time. I remember the complaints over the last two decades. BMW's response falls directly in line with those complaints. You see it as a screw up. I see it a company that has to change to stay in business and to bring new customers to the brand. They cannot rely on old business. We are better off WITH a BMW than without.
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