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Originally Posted by nis270r View Post
Originally Posted by dakine_surf View Post
I'm sorry but 50% of BMW's now wear an ///M badge????

I knew they are watering the ///M brand down but 50% is ridiculous. Worse part 90% of the population doesn't know the difference between an M3 and a m sport package.

I really miss the days of one or two flavors, limited colors and knowing you had the best because it had the badge...
I agree 100%, someone from the BMW North America or BMW CCA needs to write and tell them to stop watering down the M logo and identity, you dont need to stick an M badge on every other damn car to make a sale. X3/4/6 M are such nonsense, one M SUV is plenty enough in the lineup. M340i/550i/850i.... we can go on and on
Most diehards would agree, but BMW markets to more than diehards. I, too, miss the simple days: M3/M5/M6. That's it!
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