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Originally Posted by JCZ5 View Post
Originally Posted by Bemo View Post
Instead of slapping 35 different ///M badges on most of the fleet, why not develop a large displacement naturally aspirated motor and get back to the beginning principles of the ///M division?

Else it's off to the Porsche GT division!
Because it makes no business sense with the market BMW is targeting...

Now take a look at Lotus to go back to the essence of the previous Ms. But you also have to accept the higher cost and reliability/quality issues that comes with it.

And I think most people would gladly jump to Porsche if it can deliver at a reasonable (read: BMW) price range. If you have the funds and are willing to pay the Porsche tax, than I would encourage you to run and not walk to the Porsche GT department. Taking relative cost aside, they do offer better driving experience than BMW.
People that can go P-Car usually do so without announcing what they would do. They tend to be more action rather than verbiage.......verbiage about changes they hope BMW will make to keep them as a customer, but won't happen. Posturing at its finest.
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