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That's awesome! That's my goal to stay in great shape as I get older! At 50 are you having to supplement your test levels or not yet? I've read so much about the benefits and evidently no negative side effects so long as you're over 45 or something?
Well there are always side effects, but if done properly they can all be managed. The major side effects is infertility. If you are past that stage of your life then there are only minimal effects (ball shrinkage, gyno, etc.). Although the minimal side effects are more pertinent to high dosage cycles. You're avg TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) is minimal dosage test just to keep your levels optimal.[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][/COLOR] When you start increasing your test more dramatically (like all body builders) then your estrogen levels follow suit (moobs). Estrogen spikage can be countered through use of other drugs (nolvadex - same drug that is used when a patient is trying to get off test to start having kids actually as it restarts your test production). Also at high dosage is where you'll see the ball shrinkage as your body realizes it no longer needs to produce testosterone since you are getting it through alternative methods. There's another drug you can use to counter that us well, forgetting the name off the top of my head.

Long story short, [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]find a good doctor who knows what he is doing. Like with any profession, you can run into someone who has no idea what they're doing.[/COLOR] If they start over dosing you then you can encounter some of the topics I mentioned above. There are also other negatives like alcohol consumption can spike estrogen levels more drastically, messing with your hormones is no joke. There needs to be more information because unfortunately young and impatient people will start dosing before they understand the negatives. I only know what I know because of extensive research maybe 3-4 yrs ago, never dipped my toes because I realized what could follow and I still want kids.
This. Hormones are very interesting to deal with and not so cut and dry. For instance, commercially available testosterone replacement is far higher than a healthy male at his peak endogenous testosterone level. I was just discussing this with a physician who has a male patient on pellets and wanting to switch him to a topical form of testosterone. This is not my area of expertise but was interesting to learn more about it this week.
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