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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Exactly. I see way too many people try to jump on the all or nothing style though and cut everything 100% or stick to "cheat days" or something. Cheat day turns into a cheat week turns into "well guess I might as well skip the gym today since I already cheated on a meal..." and before you know it you fell off completely again.

FWIW I think if a burger is made and cooked correctly, all it should need is bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion and it should be perfectly juicy without being "plain". No ketchup, mayo (especially mayo, bleh!), mustard, etc necessary. I'm at the point now where I flat out don't have any dressings except some light italian on my salads and ketchup for the fries, and that's it. I skip everything else. You just have to do it for like a month to kill the gut bacteria that crave it and create the urges, and then your tastebuds follow and enhance the other flavors and textures that were getting overpowered before.
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