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Originally Posted by hirkaismyname View Post
does Dinan_Engineering have a stage 2 for f06 cp? pls send me quote/pricing. thx.

Originally Posted by ExclusiveElectronics View Post
So in regards to your original warranty being voided and replaced with a Dinan, is the entire BMW warranty voided or just engine related parts. For instance, my seat's ventilated fan is making noises and I am still under warranty until 11/2020 form my 2016 BMW M6 Gran Coupe and it is certified for another year after that, would i lose all that and would it not be covered?

also do you lose your certification warranty if you install this?
CPO and Extended warranties are a completely different animal and vary wildly from one outfit to the next. Generally speaking though all bets are off when dealing with a CPO or extended warranties and you would want to avoid any, and all, modifications if you wish to keep those warranties intact. Still best to talk to the purveyor of those warranties directly as they may be unique, who knows.

As far as the new car warranty go that Dinan matches it would have no bearing on the warranty on unaffected systems such as the ventilated seats.