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Upgraded to LCI iDrive Screen

After upgrading to the newer iDrive controller, I found a good deal on a used LCI screen which is much cleaner looking and modern than the older unit. It's also a more vibrant display (a bit like looking at the difference from the IPS screen on an iPhone versus the OLED screen on a Samsung phone).

If anyone else is interested in doing this, you need the screen and the the matching rear housing.

The job is plug and play and took me half an hour.

1. Remove black trim above steering column.
2. Remove centre trim complete with vents (this along with the trim above pop off fairly easily) and unplug the three connectors. Set this aside.
3. Unscrew two torx bolts below the iDrive screen and then gently pop it out of the housing before unplugging the electrical connector going into the back of it.
4. Unscrew the two torx bolts that attach the rear housing to the dash.
5. Complete in reverse.

It's an easy job.

iDrive screen part number: 9332412 (note that if your car comes with the TV tuner option you may require a different screen part number)
Rear housing: 9364647 (again may be different re. above to accommodate screen with tuner).

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