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Here is how to remove the center console wood trim, with pics.

1. Open the cup holder and hook your fingers under those quarter-circle rubber bumpers that hold your cup - the ones in the center rear nearest the shifter. Pull straight up and completely remove that piece.

2. Put your finger under the front of the side trim piece below the wood in the driver's footwell and pull out until the first clip comes out, then feed your hand back pulling out the clips.

3. See the one torx screw under that trim that is even with the back end of the the silver shift surround? Remove that one screw.

4. Pull straight up on the back of the wood piece until it comes loose, but don't pull it all the way up because you have to reach under and pull off two or three wire connectors. They are small and pull straight off. You might need to twist a small flat blade screwdriver to pop them off.

5. Pull up and back and the piece will come right out.
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