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Originally Posted by benacto View Post
yes, thank you. That would be great. I currently have a ecu flash tune on that's done at a local shop but never had it dyno'd either. I was told it's a stage 1 conservative tune that's about 70-80hp and tq more than stock as that's where he felt comfortable for longevity of the motor. He mentioned it's because of the rod bearing, axle, and clutch being the weak point if it's tuned too aggressively. Anything more than that, he doesn't recommend for stock daily driver motor.
I've been running the Stage 3 file since 2016 without any issues other than needing to change the clutches out back in 2017, it seems to be a common issue with these cars though. Overall I am VERY happy with my set up as it has been very reliable, every 2-3 oil changes I do a blackstone oil analysis to have a peace of mind as well. My car made 677whp & 735wtq before I added meth, jb4, CSF coolers and E-Race exhaust.

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