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Qsilver/white/and rest of you good ppl

Hey guys thank you for all your help earlier with coolant crap I tell you what you guys know more than $100 per hour so call professionals I have a year and a half worth warranty left on this car but I am NOT taking it to a dealer ever again That being said they diagnosed the small tiny leak somewhere in a turbo line and they said it's at least 13 to 14 hour job but I don't trust a word they say anymore, oh and this is a kicker they forgot to close the cap on coolant filler tube so I drove 50 Milles Home with the open thing , At home I noticed it and when I shut the car off sounded like washer machine cycle for at least 20 minutes with the engine off I wish you were all here with me when I made a phone call to a dealer and express my feelings LOL once again thank you guys for all the help