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Originally Posted by Magspain View Post
Hello Luftpost.


You are right ... In Europe the diesel version is common in many cars of the medium-high range.

Fuel in Europe is terribly expensive. And to do many miles (kilometers in our case) is a highly valued option in the European mentality.

Especially when you can get economically to buy the car of your dreams, but you do not have enough that you do not care about the high price of maintaining the car giving it intensive daily use.

In my case, I prefer the gasoline engine. But I could not combine both situations economically .... If I bought the gasoline engine, I could not drive it every day ... And I wanted to take the 6 every day.

The sound of diesel engines is horrible .... But luckily for me, the sound of this diesel engine that BMW has made has almost no diesel engine sound. It is something unusual.

I'm glad you like Spain. It is certainly a beautiful country, with normally very cordial people, and incredible places to visit and enjoy the gastronomy.

I have not had the luck, or the opportunity, to be able to travel to the United States yet ... But it is in the family plans to travel to the USA.

Best regards
the 640d is the most common in england,,and the n57 engine,like the older m57 engine are quiter than any other derv engine,,,sport mode they sound quite good,never the sound of a petrol,but i didnt buy ny car for the sound,,i bought it for the grunt,,remapped to 370 bhp with 817 nm of torque,more than the m6
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