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Software updated and working ok

When the update finished it showed a message for few seconds, saying there was a problem. Can't remember exactly what it said.

Then got a display on the speedo showing the car with all the doors, boot and bonnet open? I turned it off had my dinner and went back out and all good.

Android auto was a bit of a pain getting going. There's no instructions these days. After connecting and disconnecting, clicking around. Removing my phone at one point. I must have done something in the correct order as it came up and connected.

Samsung note 8 by the way.

Think I need to go and watch some YouTube videos of what AAuto can do. I was hoping it would read Facebook messenger and whatsapp messages out.

At the moment it doesn't seem to do much more than the BMW idrive system. I was listening to Spotify or Audible through the bluetooth connection before. Will persevere with it.

Haven't looked around the menus yet to see if all is ok.

If you ask for Sports mode, you have to activate it on the idrive! The old method with the button next to the idrive is quicker.


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