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Originally Posted by Baron G15 View Post
Got the notification update today (Iím in the UK)
07/2020.54. Canít tell you if it changes much because the mobile reception around me is so ropey that itíll take a couple of days to finish downloading (the connected app doesnít see the update)
My car screen said the software can be downloaded quicker on my mobile.

I went inside to get Wifi on my phone and on the BMW connected app (not mybmw app) Downloaded it. In the car, connected the phone to the car Wifi and it transferred the file automatically.

Screen changed to downloading from smartphone.

After it finished, you get the normal message about saying it will update when ready.

I think this means go for a 20 minute drive to charge the battery fully. Got home and stop. I had charged my car a week ago. Then off it goes, updating.


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