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Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Bruh... I've killed more of those fuggers than I can count. 3 in the last 2 weeks. They are a foking pest. Nothing more. When they're not trying to eat patches in my manicured lawn, they would definitely eat all of my flowers in my garden. They have the highest multiplying rate of all mammals except mice. I invested in a very nice pellet rifle with a scope just to snipe their asses!
Don't even think twice about killing it. Because if you don't, it may just cause the addiction of 12 more 2 weeks from now. With a nest right in your yard...
Not an option here in the people’s republic of California. Can’t shoot pests or discharge a projectile weapon within city limits here. Ridiculous because my backyard was made to shoot a pellet gun. Terraced so we multiple backstops and I have a pellet trap target so you’d literally have to be enormously careless or trying to hit a neighbor’s property to do so.

But it’s ok, because the rule I gave the kids is that anything living they shoot, they’ve gotta eat. Hunting is for meat and so best believe if you’re going to plink at lizards for fun, you’re gonna eat one if you hit it.