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I generally dethatch every other year. I do it in the fall, as I prefer not to stress the shit out of my yard in spring or especially summer. I also only seed in the fall, to get maximum % survival out of it.

Really, I think 90% of it is having an irrigation system. Without it, all the cool tools, aeration, dethatchers, etc, are just fighting a losing battle.

For dethatching, I will say it seems to help the grass jump better in the spring than the year I dont do it. My fall process:

-Cut LOW(I typically cut 2x a week at 4", and fall cut at around 2ish"
-Dethatch creating a freaking mess in my yard(the first year I did this in my new-to-me home 4 years ago my neighbors thought I was CRAZY)

-Then rather than rake, I do single spray passes pushing the grasses off the yard(yea, I might not get 95% of it off the yard, but I get a good 75% IMO)

-Run irrigation, then immediately plug-aerate

-Overseed with Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue.

That's my script. Works for me and my yard. But, we are all just dad-bodding our way through this thing haha.
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