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R8 RWS to replace M6 GC

Anyone with direct experience of comparing R8 RWS and M6, preferably F06?

I think I have an itch, so need to figure out if I need to scratch it...

I'm not too much worried about the practicality, or lack of it, in the R8 - as far as I can remember, I've had someone sitting on the rear seat once in a bit more than 2 years, and a set of golf clubs appears to fit behind the seats... Everything else will work in need...

I have hard time finding a car I could actually drive, there is one for sale in Perth, but that's like San Francisco to NYC to test drive, and under our current lockdown rules that's not even a theoretical possibility... So, anyone with direct experience of both, please help out?

My main concern is whether the R8 is just "unliveable" as the only car (exclude the space question), too harsh ride, hard work because of the massive V10 (except, it's not that much bigger than our cars' 4.4L V8), significantly higher maintenance costs etc.

Should I just let it be? Absolutely nothing wrong with the M6, and I would seriously miss my custom sound system (just not possible to replicate in R8)...?

Appreciate your thoughts!