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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
It's not reality using a 5-series ICE vs. EV for a cost comparison. First off a 5-series is more than $20K above the average price of a new car (US market) @ $40K. The incentives on the EV are subsidizing the price with imaginary dollars that are just added to the national debt, which has to be paid back eventually. EV tech cost gets equivalent to ICE at least a decade from now if not longer unless gasoline is artificially increased in price, which is easily done with the stroke of a pen by an environmentally biased politician.

At this point, any version of a Honda Accord is far less expensive to operate in lifecycle dollars than ICE. $20K of gasoline buys 240,000 miles of transportation at current gas prices for a 30 MPG car. That's 20 years of driving. The EV payback is not even close.

What Dog Face is discussing is, should gasoline prices be drastically increased artificially, it will force people into EV who can't afford it both convenience wise and cost wise.
I used the 5-Series due to us being on a BMW forum. But many states now, including PA, have EV credits that stack on top of the Federal EV tax credit as long as the MSRP of the car is below $50K to ensure that the average car is even more aggressively priced.

But I think your point is just a guess based as the points that are attempting to be made against EVs. Gas prices might be higher in the future, but they might not. EV charging infrastructure might be solved in the future, but it may not...

The argument you're making in terms of "adding to the national debt" are just a soft of a ground to stand on considering the US deeply subsidizes oil costs both in terms of raw dollars and in terms of military and lives. EVs will allow us to be energy independent without needing to expensive military operating to secure our access to oil and etc.

But we're still VERY early on the curve toward EVs. They are still less than 10% of vehicle sales and even if 100% of new cars are EVs by 2035 were' still almost 15 years away from then! There will be a LOT of change and improvements in economic realities, charging infrastructure, battery recycling, and so on.
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