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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post
I find it interesting how many people in this thread actively avoid discussing their cars... Sure, I never bring it up with non-car people, or those I don't know, but I don't feel the need to avoid the topic if it does come up. Not criticising/judging/etc; just an observation. I guess there's generally a lot more judgement or whatever about what your car says about you, mainly in the USA? I guess the other side to it for me is that I visibly do not fit the 'poser' part of the BMW image (I'm always dressed scruffy, never do my hair etc) And if someone wants to pass judgement on my choice of car, it's a quick way for me to work out that I don't need to spend any further time with them.
its insane here in southern california. people will go to great lengths to lease or buy a premium brand car and be absolutely broke because of it.

i've been daily driving an electric smart car for about five years now and it has been, by far, the car that gets the most attention and comments. i've actually made several acquaintances from people coming up to me at the gym because they want to joke about the smart car (i'm relatively big) or they are curious about it. lol
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