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Originally Posted by bayarea328xit View Post
We have one installed in our house - works quite well. Keep in mind that you need to replace the air filters every 6-8 weeks depending on the quality of your outside air.

I was surprised that the unit we have did not include a well designed air filter. The original air filter is just a sponge that is super flimsy. Instead, I ordered a set of custom air filters that matched the size of the inlet area.

I wish our unit was better integrated with our HVAC system. Currently, our ERV operates independently of the HVAC unit. I wish our unit was designed so that when the ERV is on, the HVAC fan turns on by itself (to recirculate the air throughout the house). This was an oversight on my part - I was coordinating the components for our contractor.
Which brand is the unit?

Yeah I read about 3 different installation methods and think separate of HVAC is better (its more expensive to install) When its integrated to HVAC like you say, you waste electricity to run HVAC fan. There are hybrid systems, but i still think separate could be better. I am planning to draw air from bathrooms and dump fresh air in bedrooms (2nd floor only)