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Originally Posted by dreamingat30fps View Post
I don't understand the people who whine about housing costs in Miami, NY, San Fransisco etc. MOVE!! I'm sure there are some rare outliers who actually can't for legit reasons, but 99% of people could move, but choose to stay. You don't even have to move that far usually. I lived in Miami, I thought it was a horribly expensive shit hole. So I found a job an hour north, made the shitty commute for a while until I found a place and then moved. My friend lives in CA. He's managed to own 2 homes there while making middle class income. Of course he doesn't live in San Fransisco (although he has to drive there sometimes for work) or any of the big cities. He lives out where there's nothing but farms and people riding their damn horses through the drive-thru.
if you have a decent job in an area you tend to live there... again, I am not the one whining because I can buy a place here tomorrow... but I think about the median income vs housing cost