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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
can't see paying $15K more for this over an M5, sure it looks super cool but $15K is a lot of cash unless you are just rolling in it plus the M5 is just so much more practical, if you want a 2 door powerful car, why get one that weighs this much, get an M3 coupe or Porsche...

Having said that, I remember a few years ago when I was looking at used M5s and M6s, they were basically the same price but 1 year apart. I could get a 2 year old M5 for $65K or a 3 year old M6 for that (price is just an example). So new market I couldn't see paying the difference, used market is where things get interesting because I think the M6 loses value faster than the M5 because of the high starting price.
+1. i haven't looked up any residuals or anything, but my impression is that the 6er line up tends to lose value faster than other bmw lines, which usually hold pretty well.
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