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Originally Posted by spazzyfry123 View Post
Anyone else have large areas under trees with mulch? I'm trying to determine the best way to control leaves with the new house. I have two, what I've always called, pine isles that surround two large oak trees. It's a defined area without grass and currently has pine straw and the like. Problem is the sheer number of leaves these trees drop make maintenance of these isles impossible and ultimately just a location to blow leaves into.

I'd like to mulch the areas and have it looking nice, but not sure what to do with all the leaves. Is there an alternative? Possibly even a different type of mulch that can withstand a leaf blower to get the leaves out for collection.
Use double-hammered hardwood mulch, and it's much easier to blow the leaves off the top of the mulch. Pine straw tends to lift/blow with the leaves.

You will get a bit of loss of much each time you blow, but it's pretty small overall.