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Originally Posted by rebekahb View Post
I do a lot of combo moves when I do full body. I'm not trying to bulk up. My goal has always been tone and lean. My workouts take anywhere from 30-40 minutes and stretching after is about 15-20 minutes. I don't have any desire to work out longer than that lol.

I attached the workout I did Tuesday am. Today I'm going to try body weight legs to see how my back holds up.
Gotcha! That makes sense. I'm trying to bulk now but I'm not trying to get big either. I spent most of my life being overweight, I'm trying to get to 155. Did weigh 240, got down to 211 before I started the gym, currently at....let's just say less than 140. I overshot my goal trying to get a flat stomach. Obviously it didn't work. Now the goal is to gain all winter and cut back down in the spring to see if that yields the last two ab sections to complete the 8 pack.

I'm doing a split, albeit an odd one. S, M, T - I hit all muscle groups. Take Wednesday off, then repeat S, M & T's workout with different exercises Thursday and Friday night, then take off Saturday. I've got to where I can knock 3-4 muscle groups each night, right now, 3 sets per group in a bout an hour and each group twice a week.
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