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Catless DP and Spark Plug install

Hey everyone, Im getting ready to install catless downpipes, gapped sparkplugs, and a BM3 tune in the near future (time permitting).

Right now Im trying to get all the random stuff I need to do the job and have a few questions.

1. Gaskets? Im assuming there is a gasket on either end of the DP or on both ends. I don't like reusing wearable items so I want to replace them when Im in there. Anyone have the part number for these?

2. Coil Pack - Was told to go ahead and replace my coil pack while Im doing the plugs because there was a issue with early versions (not sure of history but have see guys swapping these out). What coil pack should I order, and where should I order them from. Is there a part number for specific set?

3. Specialty tools - What specialty tools will I need for the jobs ? Any weird bolt styles, size, sockets ect?

I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in order before I start ripping this thing apart.

Thanks everyone !!
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