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Originally Posted by blackbmw2018 View Post
“I attached the supplied LED drivers to the factory optic strips.“

“make some modifications to the original optics and door cards to fit the aftermarket light modules”

What kind of modifications and how u manage connect to the original fiber?
Hey there. The original LEDs that light the strips clip into the door card. The fibre optics in turn have a little notch on them that clip into those LED emitters.

The modifications include cutting away the tab that holds the existing LED emitter to the door card, and then cutting off the notch from the existing optics to allow them to slot into the new LED emitters supplied with the kit. The factory optics are exactly the same diameter as the ones supplied with the kit so they fit perfectly once the little notch is cut off.

And yes, this can be reverted. The original wiring is left intact since it's not used in this retrofit. The factory LED emitters can be stuck down with some glue if you want to reinstall them. The factory optics can still slide into the factory LED emitter so no harm done there.
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