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Originally Posted by Qsilver7 View Post
Here is another example where someone may get incorrect information by not supplying their model & model year. The communication bus for the f06/f12/f13 changed throughout the production run.

The early models used the FRM (footwell module) for control of exterior lighting...then it changed to the FEM (front electronic module)...then latter models have the BDC (body domain controller)

Depending on your build date/model may not find that coding shortcut in Expert Mode when the app reads your control modules. The shortcut given works if you have the FRM control module...but if you have the BDC or may not work. BE CAREFUL when using expert mode.
Thank you for the info! I have a 2015 F06 but Iím not sure of the build date right now but I can get back to you on that. Is there a way I can find out which build dates have which module?
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