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Originally Posted by wknddrivr View Post
A lot of the reviews agree that the steering isn't great on the E39 because of the recirculating ball setup. As an owner of a 2002 E39 M5, I would agree.

The steering in my E36 M3 (which I still drive regularly) offers a lot more feel and is a lot sharper than the E39 M5, as was the steering in my E90 328 (from what I remember, the car was totaled a few years ago)

The E36 is much more raw and more fun than the E39 M5, so it's more enjoyable in the canyons on the weekend, but the E39 is a much better car and incredible overall package...much better daily driver and great grand tourer, but its way more of a luxury car than a sports car.

Steering in the E39 M5 was certainly was not BMWs best work. It's precise, but slightly numb...not as numb as the new stuff though. I've also got a 2017 530i, so I can compare them directly. The 2017 is a little bit more numb but a hell of a lot lighter and the ratio is slower on the 2017 which drives me nuts.

Aside from the steering on the E39 M5, it really has no other weak spots. My 2017 530i was my daily driver, but it's going away and the M5 will be my daily. Will not miss the G30 at all. The E39 absolutely stands the test of time and does not feel like a 17 year old car (aside from the Nav system)
Fair enough. It would have been better of him to give some analysis than just say it was "bad." Bad relative to what?
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