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Originally Posted by nazali View Post
I get a totally different over the top reading, say, I should see 70.80, I get 71.50.
Use the bathroom.

Accuracy is unrelated to consistency. You need a known weight to test accuracy but you just need a fixed weight to test consistency.

Originally Posted by nazali View Post
1 liter of water weighs 1 kg
That's a precise amount of pure water. An accuracy test. But for consistency test you can use anything not living: it doesn't matter how much it weighs, it only matters it weighs the same every time (and the scale should confirm that).

Originally Posted by nazali View Post
I sometimes can get 3 different readings at the same time, (get on, off reset, get on, off reset)
If you are "learning to fly" and it's your weight rather than the scale that's inconsistent (because you "care") apply a consistent approach: use your first try only , or use the same number of tries and a mean value calculated from all or just the max and min try reading , or just the min, or just the max... "What goes up (learning to fly) must come down." Mind your bathroom condition and time of the day (schedule), of course. A less accurate scale can also help to remove extra accuracy and retrieve only the difference that matters.
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