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Bathroom scale inconsistency

Hi all,

I'm needing to work out what I'm doing wrong.

I need a fairly accurate scale as I need to check daily for water retention.
So I need to be able to see changes of 1-2kg in 2 days or 2-5kg's in a week.

I have a digital scale, and I need it to give me a reliable reading everytime.

SO, I sometimes can get 3 different readings at the same time, (get on, off reset, get on, off reset) OR I get a totally different over the top reading, say, I should see 70.80, I get 71.50.

It's not a big difference but I'm looking at pounds of difference daily, if I get water retention I need to ring my clinic.

I have 2 area's where I can weigh myself, my landing which has hardwood flooring, or bathroom which has big heavy ceramic tiles.

The hardwood flooring in places is not flat so it causes the scale to rattle, so I find a spot make sure all 4 feet are level, press the scale, leave it to zero.

Today in the same spot, I got 3 different readings, my partner moved the scale, and got 3 same. I stand staright and dont lean forward, there's no zero on the scale.

OH battery was replaced.

Do I need a more accurate scale ?

Appreciate 0