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Robert Klein on his college days (SNL 1978):

" I went to a small school, a very obscure school named Alfred....
Um, I went there because they had a wonderful brochure, uh, with handsome people walking on the campus carrying books... with nice writing underneath it: “Walking on the campus carrying books is a favorite pastime of Alfred students.” Suckered me right in there.... They never have ones like... “God, I may be pregnant.”
" I get to the dormitory from a bus ride, and they take us into the dormitory and [moos]. “Are-are-are these the dormitories?” “Yes, sir, just shoo ’em away, they’ll go. Cows don’t bother ya none.” And they made fun of the way I spoke: “Hey, New Yohk, tohk, mwohk…” Just what I needed at 17, 16. Of course, they spoke fine: “Hey, my father gave me a dallar to get married in Baffalo and I’m goin’ next week if you wanna…”
"A little thing I encountered there that I really hadn’t encountered before, uh, anti-Semitism. Well, nothing–it was subtle, nothing you could put your finger on. Subtle to be sure: [yelling] “Hey Jewboy! Where you goin’, Jewboy, high holy day?” You know, just what I needed. I wanted to meet the guy next door in the dormitory. He was decorating his room with a swastika mobile. And I remember a brief phone call home to my parents: [sobbing] “Get me outta here!”
"But I-I-I, one of the gutsiest things I ever did eventually was play Shylock in The Merchant of Venice in the drama club there. It’s a 17-year-old kid trying to play an old man, you put on that quick palsy shake.... This wonderful speech of Shakespeare’s where he equates all people– "Have not a Jew hands, organs, senses, dimensions, affections, [begins the palsy shake] passions?”
" And the audience said “No, Jewboy! Jew-boy! Jew-boy! Jew-boy! Get him!”"
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