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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
I heard there is a crazy and convoluted tale about this.

LEC was given a 5 year contract to appease Todt's son who is his manager and it will effectively be Todt Jr.'s retirement.

Sainz was brought in rather than Perez or RIC in order to keep LEC as the number 1 driver, without dispute.

Ferrari was penalized with lower fuel flow for last year but will be fully released this year.

All of the Ferrari customer cars will have absolutely identical Ferrari PUs.

VET was sacrificed as punishment for selling out 17 and 18.

If ANY part of this is true, HOLY COW. Ferrari International Assistance just graduated to new levels of malfeasance.

What do you think, my friend?
I don't believe much of this to be honest.

- Vettel's salary wasn't matching his performance. After 5 years, time for new blood.
- Leclerc got his long-term contract because he's good. His performance in that shitbox SF1000 was enough. I don't see any other logical explanation.
- Ferrari had to design an engine that matched the new rules and ran out of time when the
- I'd rank Sainz on par with Perez and a little under Ricciardo. DR's would want a defacto #1 seat so Sainz made more sense. We'll mark that one as true.
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