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Originally Posted by FCobra94 View Post
Not sure if this has been answered yet or not, but once you started seeing an issue, why didn't you make a switch sooner?

I see 1 star reviews all the time on Amazon where peeps stick with a product for MONTHS even after their kid started reacting differently to that new product.

Recall aside, everyone is different; sometimes you gotta try a few things before sticking with any make/model diapers, wipes, creams, etc. in order to find what works best.

Hope all is well on your end regardless though.
How were we supposed to know it's the wipes? We used them for nearly 3 years lol. When we started seeing an issue we thought it's the new diapers or some diaper rash. Wipes was the last thing on our mind. They are clear, didn't smell, and were not brown.
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