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Have you been checked for GERD? I have some digestive issues, and I found laying on your back with pillows to raise your chest and head above your waist may help you. I found laying on my left side unfortunately made me feel the most uncomfortable, but maybe try with the pillows. Also, try drinking a glass of water before and just as you're finishing your meal, to help dilute acid that might be piling up.
Doctor is running some preliminary tests, he suspects gastritis. There's a big possibility that h pylori may be causing my symptoms since my mom had it & all her symptoms were caused by it. As well as me being a healthy weight & not a terrible diet. But we're taking it step by step in trying to figure out the culprit. Meds didn't do much for me but me cleaning up my diet further did. Got my test tomorrow for H pylori after stopping meds for 2 weeks. We'll see how it goes. I'll try the dilluting my acid with water though.
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