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Sports in general are popular in Florida, just about any and every sport you want to play is within a 15 mile radius of where I live. Except for maybe (horse) Polo, for that you'd need to drive an hour north. Anyway, I was on my first yr HS team, but other schools had teams for many years, especially the private schools. People are always surprised to hear that my Dad played Lax in college at UF in 1970, intramural/club, but that's when it was starting here and has only grown since. It really is the best team sport.

There is so much info now on youtube about lax specific stretches that I'll definitely be arriving early and incorporating.

While we are sort of on the topic of sports - any recommendations on recovery supplements/foods? Currently taking Glucosamine, Glutamine, and if something is really bothering me CBD always helps along with Tylenol (lol).
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