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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
Combative art, I'm married and can definitely dodge bullets. My master flung-doo said if can come home drunk and not engage in battle you will earn your black belt. I'm still beltless.
Well, once you've mentioned marriage I can't help it any more. It's your wife who might need some BJ-Jutsu expertise if you like it. You needn't bother yourself.

A disclaimer: I don't really mean to hurt the feelings of BJJ fans. It's just receiving an intruder straight between your legs in the missionary position looks as doubtful to me as it is. Of wrestling I only practised a very little bit of Greco-Roman where once you fall on your back you lose. Martial application is quite different, of course, but exposing the groin is my big concern regarding spreading the legs here as well.
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