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For what it's worth...

Two years as a teen studying Shotokan.
One year studying Kung Fu.
After military service, while at University, studied one more year of Shotokan, followed by one more year of Tae Kwan Do & Krav Maga. Shifted away from those and replaced it with 3 years of Ninjutsu.
Moved to Boston, added 1 more year of Shotokan and 4 more years of Ninjutsu. Started to get closer to 1st Dan and then moved out west.
Here I completed my first Dan in Hapkido, and added a half year of Aikido for fun.

In Ninjutsu and Hapkido we trained extensively unarmed and with both edged and non-edge weapons. My favorite weapon form is Korean double sword.

I have not been active in martial arts for about 10 years, following a non-related back injury. I have taken up target sports in the past year...
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