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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
But it is a really brutal art....very aggressive and works on the premise of you attack and incapacitate your opponent first if you sense there will be trouble.

Morihei Ueshiba learned that art, but after so called achieving enlightenment...he took it and softened it up quite a bit creating Aikido. So harmony in Defense without hurting your opponent while defending yourself.

In our school...once you attain Black Belt you start learning Daito Ryu which was the basis of everything. It's really then that you realize just how ruthless the art was to begin with.

Ueshiba was all "love your fellow man" and just use enough to evade danger.

A Daito Ryu Master was like "How dare you think of attacking will die"!

Kind of crazy.
It's like completing the circle: going from the black belt back to white (by wearing it off so that it discolours).

AFAIK, the evolution of martial arts was from attack to defence, from "brutal" shit to non-violence. Even regarding (famous) masters' personal development: they often admit practicing martial arts reduced their initial aggressiveness, turned them into peaceful people and that's the correct way to go, don't they?

Preemptive attacks are mostly for beginners, to save them from their poor defence yet. I do feel I have to consider that only due to losing confidence in my defending skills because of severe lack of practice. When you are confident you just don't need that. And when you do you just aren't.

Killing someone because you mind his way of thinking is steaming bullshit, isn't it? "We all got it coming." One shithead yelled at me just recently: "Who are you to tell me that (I must go fuck myself)?!!". The funny part is he (apparently) only lived from not knowing who I was. Less funny part is he damaged my car for not enlightening him. "At the end of the day we are likely to be punished for our kindnesses."
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