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Originally Posted by Ickdeep View Post
Gatka compared to most martial arts because its a weapon based arts. We use curved swords, archery, horseback, etc... I mainly do it for religious purpose and to keep the traditional alive. With modern times, a lot of older arts are phasing out because people just don't have time to do it.
That's great for you. I wish more people were like that. Can you imagine how much knowledge has been lost because people don't have time these days.

Also in the past, a lot of knowledge was lost because a Father may not have a Son to pass it down to, and a lot of the variations were traditionally taught only through the family unit.

We also learned an art called Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu. It was developed by the Takeda clan and taught from Father to Son through centuries. These guys once served as the Japanese Emperor's personal body guards.

It would have been lost had they not allowed an "outsider" in who helped to preserve it.

But it is a really brutal art....very aggressive and works on the premise of you attack and incapacitate your opponent first if you sense there will be trouble.

Morihei Ueshiba learned that art, but after so called achieving enlightenment...he took it and softened it up quite a bit creating Aikido. So harmony in Defense without hurting your opponent while defending yourself.

In our school...once you attain Black Belt you start learning Daito Ryu which was the basis of everything. It's really then that you realize just how ruthless the art was to begin with.

Ueshiba was all "love your fellow man" and just use enough to evade danger.

A Daito Ryu Master was like "How dare you think of attacking will die"!

Kind of crazy.
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