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Electric motors are making HP moot.

When the current Tesla Model 3 can dust a M4 under the most typical operating conditions (hint, it's not track sessions) it seems rather obvious that range becomes the new measure of performance.
If that were the case none of us would buy ///M cars and we would all be driving Tesla's.
Clearly there are additional reasons to HP.

Imagine IF Tesla sold the Model 3 with a similar level of options which are available from other luxury automakers.

It's no secret that only a small percentage of M-cars are regularly tracked anyways. This is a very small segment. These individuals aren't any more loyal to the brand vs the rest.
What options might those be? The Tesla is already tech porn for people who have to have the latest/greatest tech. The interior is decent; comparable to a 3 Series. Tesla's aren't new. For all of us driving M's, we could've opted for a Model S years ago.......but we didn't. For me personally there is something missing from the motoring experience when it comes to EV's. Well, at least where Tesla is concerned. The Porsche Taycan is compelling, but I wouldn't choose it over an MT GT2/GT3 variant.

I fully expect a hybrid ///M to debut at some point, and as long as there's still an MT option I'll be open to it. The moment the MT is gone is the moment I stop buying BMW's.