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Connected Drive vehicle finder / location issue


I have quite an annoying issue with my X7. It's about vehicle location and its driving me nuts. Every time I park the car on my driveway, shortly after that the location is unavailable within the app! (I don't know if it's only when the car is on my driveway though). Typically, If I travel & leave car to other places for short period of time is okay. The weirdest thing is that every so often my car will appear in Belgium or Netherlands (different locations there!) I have had numerous of calls with BMW Connected Drive genius team and had gone through the reset vehicle settings, restarting the system, deleting applications, etc, etc. Nothing helped :| I am wondering has anyone else experienced similar problems and does anyone have an idea what could it possibly be? I am not quite sure how does the location service work in general, but my assumption is that the vehicle is reporting the GPS coordinates every so often using the mobile sim inside. So could it be a problem with the GPS when stationary?

Whilst experiencing location tracking, I am able to (through the app) turn on / off lights, unlock the car, even the 3D view is working fine. It's just the vehicle location that is not working...

I tried searching around but couldn't find anything similar.. Apologies if I have missed it. Any thoughts, feedback or suggestion is more than welcome!

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