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I'm okay with the 6GC because the 6 at least looks significantly different from the other mainstream cars.

When I saw the comparison of the 3, 4, and 4 GC I was having a hard time distinguishing between them. Sure, a 3 is different from a 4, but not as different as a 5 from a 6.

I guess this lets them sell what is essentially a 3 series at a price that's higher than a 4 series when all they're pretty much doing is changing the badge. Sure, the kink in the rear windows is different, and they added the new trunk/tailgate, but I think it'll be pretty hard to spot the difference in the real world.

I can understand the 6GC as the other Germans pretty much forced them into it with the S7 and CLS. But why can't BMW apply this same logic and offer an R8 and SLS competitor? Sure, the i8 is an incredibly cool car and has some great engineering to make the thing do what they're claiming. However, I don't think anyone (including future i8 owners) are looking at that car thinking it's a super car. It's an engineering marvel being only a 3-cyl, but that's not something you can say out loud without mumbling through it.