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What next? It is getting a bit much

I see BMW revealed the 4GC. Which does not look a lot different from the 3GT. Or is that the 4GT? Or the 3-series sedan? 5GT? Or some other BMW? What is next?

Ok, confession time. I am one of the die-hard people who think that a coupe is a two-door car. (I am REALLY NOT trying to offend the GC owners here, but that is what I think.) With a four-door, you unavoidably change the lines and shorten the front doors a lot - long, sleek front doors being one of the essential design features of a true coupe. (According to me, anyway.)

So please BMW. Stop this madness. It is all flowing together, supposedly re-generating into a something 'new', which is not new at all. The ultimate automotive amoeba. Go on like this, and it will become a big amorphous mass. And mess.

BMW, one other request. Please reserve one series number (8,9,10, 42, I don't care) for a pure, large, two-door car. We can decide what to call it, now that coupe has lost its meaning. I will let you have my ideas. (For a small fee, or a prototype.)

I feel better now.


Ps. Even if you are a GC owner, and a bit irritated by my views about two door coupes, grant me this - BMW is making too many variants of ALL its cars, and soon very few will be able to distinguish one from the other. (And yes, I am a life-long BMW fan.)
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